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23 September 1985
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Las personas me dicen huelo como quemó pelo... People tell me i have birthing hips... I used to be the number 1 cage fighter in Puerto Rico but i have since retired and do cardiovascular training for the elderly. I can play the oboe with my butt cheeks. Somtimes i pretend i am pregnant and throw myself down stairs...
so to sum me up in more than a few words: pie eating contests. A chili dog a day keeps the doctor away. acting elderly and mentally handicapped with helmets. D.D.R. or Dance Dance Revolution (i have a large tattoo on the nape of my back of a naked Japanese woman playing DDR) Japan and most things Japanese. Ume or plum is the greatest flavor ever and Macha aisukurimu or green tea ice cream is amazing. Japanese Fashion sense or what some people consider lack there of. Velcro. Body rolls and dropping it likes it hot... i know way too much about pop culture past and present...
"the city", 80's music, accents, accepting, acting elderly, amélie, animals, argentina, art, beads, belle and sebastian, björk, black and white photos, books, chai, chemistry, colors, communicating, connecting with people, countries, crocheting, crouching tiger hidden dragon, culture, culture club, cultures, curry, cyborg 009, decisions, degrassi, depeche mode, drawing, dreadlocks, dreads, dreaming, dreams, duran duran, eastern asia, elderly people, electronica, english, entertaining myself, experiences, falling down, family guy, fog, foreign films, forests, friends, friendship, fruits magazine, godzilla movies, hemp, hugs, incense, independant films, individuality, islands, japan, japanese, japanese street fashion, john frusciante, languages, laughing, learning japanese, love, magritte, malice mizer, mark ryden, marufuji, maté, meadows, meeting new people, memories, mixed drinks, moby, movies, museums, music, müm, nature, new friends, nico, oil painting, ome city/tokyo/japan, originality, painting, patience, photography, pictures, piercing, planets, plants, poetry, portishead, radiohead, rain, recycling, rivers, running, sarcasm, scars, sculpting, seeds, shaolin soccer, sigur rós, smashing pumpkins, south america, spanish, spring, spring time in japan, stars, style, surrealism, swimming, takashi murakami, talent, techno, thai food, the 80's, the breakfeast club, the cure, the euryithmics, the flaming lips, the ocean, the postal service, the streets, thrift stores, tim burton, to kill a mockingbird, translation, traveling, trees, understanding, veganism, vintage, volkswagon, waiting for guffman, water, wind, wisdom, yerba maté, お茶, 日本語, 盆栽