2017 baby

This is unreal that this baby is still up. 31 years old now! Decided to look at this baby. Lorty how the times have changed.

i never write in here anymore

i never write in here anymore.
I used to love this thing!
Gabrielle is always on me to write in this thing ha ha

dear Lord where to start!

SOOOO many things going on these days.
I am feeling really happy these days and really good but it is a struggle everyday.
not a struggle to go on or anything like that but a struggle to be myself.
i still have so many people i need to talk to! o man it gets way overwhelming somtimes. It is a bit overwhelming right now. It comes in waves like once every few weeks. Things seem like they are going really good then i realize that my dad and my brother and sister and soooo many other people have no idea what is going on with me and then i get really anxious about it and really nervous too.
I have been keeping a journal that is not open to the public! here at home but somtimes its nice to get feedback on things.
the only constant in my life is Degrassi!
ha ha o man...pathetic i know.
but i mean Marco! damn!
Gabrielle knows what im talking about!

hm ok well maybe ill try writing in this thing more. It is nice to just write stuff down day to day

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So Degrassi is basically the greatest show ever. When Gabrielle first told me about it i thought it was one of her Otaku antics... i was wrong.
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i love Tegan and sara! their new CD is amazing.
i know they have been around for a bit but i just got on the bandwagon.
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update for real

well well well,

It is long been time that i needed to update.
I would post more but there is N O T H I N G to post about. Really i am still working at the same smoothie place i have been working at for the past year and I was so ready to quit but things have gotten a lot better. Even though i am still getting minimum wage!

It also looks like i am going to Japan this summer!!!!!!! yes yes yes!
I am soo excited. I will be in Japan for about a month and a half coming up this summer! My friend Susan and I will be leaving LAX on June 1 for Tokyo baby!!!

ahhh i am so ready to visit everyone and see Japan again! and this time around way more site seeing that is for sure. Last time i was in school and i had a curfew and everything but this time around!! this will be different!!

disorderly behavior
public nudity

ok not really. None of those things are going to be taking place but lots of fun cool things will be going down that is for sure!!
And then after I come back from Japan i will be starting up college! finally. Its not too exciting though because i am just going to the community college here in town which is fine.

Things have been up and down these days... I have really been questioning God and my faith a lot these days. I dont know if its good or not but i hope that this trip to Japan will show me some new things and freshen me up and that God will speak some stuff to me. I will be away from all the distractions and old feelings that linger here in my town and in my house. When i am in Japan i am hoping i will get a different perspective on things before i come back. I am in much need of some encouragement because these days i really cant help but look at the lack of stuff i have not been doing and i only see the places where i have screwed up.

hm I am trying to figure out this whole life thing ha ha. How to live day to day when nothing really exciting is happening but learning to enjoy it regardless.

peace out
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hm So I went to LA this weekend and had a swell time. I hung out with my friend Yasayuki and one of his friends Masahiro. It was a good time as it always it with random Japanese people!
we went to the mountains and to the beach and to random Japanese supermarkets. I ate so much this week seriously no joke after the Japanese kids found out that i only weigh 97 pounds they decided that i needed to eat my life away.

hm I have pics but i also hate computers that wont load!! This is the only pic i have.

ya its the only pic i have but damn i am hot.........(sarcasm)

Lord knows i need to update
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should update but just a quiz

a stolen quiz

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i found my cat Taco in the street just a few hours ago.
man i liked that cat.

I found him maybe 6 months ago on our front porch. He was just a baby and he was all wet and alone so we took him in and kept him.
He was my little buddy but I gave him a nice burial in our backyard.

hm i really hate living on a busy street...
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